Advertising Gimmicks: Targeting Women and Children

Topics: Junk food, Nutrition, Advertising Pages: 4 (1295 words) Published: April 5, 2013
When talking about the negative effects of advertisements on consumers, the little ones come to mind immediately. After all, they are also consumers even though they may not directly pay and buy a product. Today, advertisements are impossible to escape and children are more susceptible and easily get influenced by the advertisements on television, newspapers and magazines. They are defenseless and innocent and have not yet possess the power of decision making or the ability to distinguish what is real and what is not. The thing that they do not understand is that advertisers and marketers just want to sell their products, making them look very attractive and in turn make them want to posses such products. Advertisers choose children because they can easily lure them in. Children no longer have the tendency to weigh their options-asking questions such as ‘Is this product good for me?’, ‘Is it too expensive?’ All they are left with after seeing these advertisements is a feeling of want. In many cases, children tend to misinterpret the messages conveyed through the advertisement. Most advertisements lure children into buying products which result in the harmful and negative ways not only for themselves but also the parents. Looking through the various results for effects of advertisements on children, the effects of junk food advertising is one of the many that seem most negative and most emphasized. Research has shown that junk food advertisements influence children greatly, leading to increased demand for junk food by children. In the advertisements, the models (lay or celebrity) are always in good, healthy shape, munching on all those glorious, delicious junk food and without realizing it, children tend to think they would look just the same as the models used-fit, healthy or slim. Children are unaware that junk food is actually very unhealthy, low in nutrition; fattening and can lead to obesity. One of the...
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