Advertising has become a normal part of humanity

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Indeed, advertising has become a normal part of humanity lives in this era of globalization. Advertise clear plastered everywhere as newspapers, posters, giant billboards, and radio. This situation seems to show how strongly the influence of advertising in our lives. So the ads do bring positive influences and negative on human life in this world.

Positive influence of advertising is advertising causes consumers have the option to purchase. Existence ads cause consumers to know how many similar products but different brands produced at this time. Users will use all available information in the ad to make their best choice. Advertise ensure that consumers purchase the best product based on their needs.

In addition, the ad could lead to a healthy competition between the producer of a product. If we look, producing a product that will try to produce the best ads according to their ability to attract buyers. This resulted in all parties are highlighting the advantages of their product over a competitor's product. Clearly, the ad caused manufacturers ensure that their products meet quality as quoted in their ad's.

However, advertising also has its negative face. Advertisements often exploit women especially sexy women to promote sales of their products. In fact, there is a product that has nothing to do with women but uses a sexy female face for the ad. Use model handsome and well-built man who was exploited by advertising. This situation seems to give a false meaning of such use of this product will produce such faces or use of these products cause these women will be attracted to someone. Imagine the influence on our youth?

Furthermore, the existence of the ad will cause prices to rise. The cost to produce an advertisement is very high because of the use of models, technology and experienced production crew. In fact, the advertisements in the mass media had to pay the cost of broadcasting time that is too expensive. This resulted in manufacturers will...
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