Advertising Helps To Sell Products

Topics: Creativity, Marketing, Advertising Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: November 18, 2014
Advertising helps to sell products
Advertisements are all around us. They are on the street, in the supermarket, on TV, on the radio. And their only purpose is to attract our attention to the product which makes us younger, healthier, or better-looking. And what is successful advertising? I think that in the first place we need to know what the audience is we want to influence. For example, if we make advertisement for anti-wrinkle cream, we will not show young people or rap music. It will be for ladies who are between 30 – 40 years old. When I see the advertisement of the GOREGA product, I find it tedious and ridiculous, because the elderly can eat even an apple. But if my grandmother sees all the Coca-Cola advertisements, she says that they are really boring and she can’t recognize the idea of this advertisement. The second thing we need to consider is the appearance of the product. What its main color and packaging will be, and then suitable music for the advertisement. Color is really important. It speaks on the viewer’s mind. If we choose red or yellow – it draws attention and makes you active. It we choose blue or green – it calms you down and you have confidence in the product. Music is important, too. It needs to match whole message of the advertisement. Last but not least, we need a really original idea. It can influence the client’s mind. And, of course, it has to be understandable for the audience. In conclusion, I think that advertising is a manipulating way to make us buy the products which aren’t so effective as their advertisements promise. In spite of this, they are successful method to make money in business. And we need a successful idea and product to make the money we need.
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