Advertising in Fashion Industry

Topics: Advertising, World Wide Web, Mass media Pages: 3 (1147 words) Published: November 27, 2010
Today's society is based on gaining money and spending it. The media is there to give us the ideas how to do it. The mass media spreads the ideas, especially the one that the most important thing in life is appearances; they make us rely too much on fashion and the way we look. The best way to make people spend the money is to advertise the products they are to buy. Advertisements influence the people creating opinions and stereotypes, especially among the youth. And advertising in fashion industry today is very wide spread and using many strategies to make products sell, that range from using celebrities to World Wide Web. So, we can ask ourselves do we buy new clothes because we really need it. Or because we saw our favorite singer or actress wearing it, or because fashion magazines and ads say they’re ‘in’?

‘This is how you should look like!’
Advertisements breed a sense in consumers that something is missing; something which will make one’s life better than it is now. Advertisements offer products, that something, which will assure a person who buys them a better life, more popularity or that they can take you closer to the image of beauty they had set forth. Fashion is image oriented industry. Clothes we wear can determine race, gender, social and economic status or the way we look. Skinny girls and muscle clad men we see in ads create an illusion that is the perfect body type and that everyone should have it. That is the image that fashion industry has set forth and if your proportions are not 90-60-90 or smaller you do not fit, you are not good enough. Fashion ads influence the minds of people and confine us to be perfectly shaped person. This leads to the loss of identity with many individuals. We stop thinking by ourselves, forget the ideas and principles we had and turn into what someone else had set forth for us to follow. Teenage market is the one most targeted. Teenagers are still developing their own ideas and opinions about the...
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