Advertising in Media

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..right or wrong

Advertisement In Media Right or Wrong ?

We all are living in the era of commercialism, modernization and sophistication. Where we don’t care of even ourselves in ethical means or as a human being. In our daily life we come across with a lot of events and incidents which put an important impact in our daily life. Here advertisement of different things plays a key role in our life.

When talking about advertisement in media, it has both Positive impact as well as stigmatic effects on our lives, which means that up to some extent Advertisement in media is acceptable for our minds; otherwise it is not less than a curse.

Lets have a glance in our life in previous times. Yes we were passing through a very simple but pure and meaningful life which was free from advertisements and commercialism. When talking about our society, people were living a balanced life. Our ancestors had given time to each other to establish a mature society.

While we talk about the negative impacts of advertisement in news papers, TV or magazines we generally face these type of effects in our Quality of life, like demoralization of our Social as well as ethical values. We have often heard that it is an international rule that every advertisement in media, TV, or magazine must have to pass the Code of Conduct before publishing. In code of conduct there includes various prohibitions, for example use of kids as a a target audience in advertisement is strictly restricted but the situation is reverse in every cultural society apart from Pakistan. Similarly abuse material should not be advertised e.g. Cigarettes advertisement etc

We have talked about the demoralization of Social values in our society by advertisement; like for example when we travel through the metropolitan streets we see a lot of Billboards having the display of different products of different types. In these billboards most of companies, advertising their products...
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