Advertising in Our Life

Topics: Advertising, Newspaper, Reason Pages: 2 (397 words) Published: April 19, 2012
The topic of advertising has aroused public concern. Some people say that advertising is helpful and informative, whilst others claim about that it can provide false information and will make goods more expensive. It is quite natural that people from different backgrounds have their own opinions on the issue. Therefore, both of these arguments will be analyzed before a reasoned conclusion is reached.

From the one side, the opinion earlier may sound plausible due to the enormous benefits created by advertising. First of all, it can be said with certainty that there are many ways to advertise and ads come in different forms. This is obviously favorable because you can see advertising on newspapers, tv, and on the billboards everyday. Second of all, a further plus point could be that advertising is informative. This is definitely valuable since it introduce us to new products or remind of us the ones that we already know about. Last of all, it is hardly too much to say that advertising creates mass markets and makes goods cheaper. This is surely a positive feature because if there were no advertising, consumers would only know about goods in their local shops. Therefore advertising help to sell to a bigger market, the more goods are sold, the cheaper they become.

From the other side, those who disagree point out that the negative influences of advertising are undeniable. The first drawback of this matter is there is people who do not enjoy seeing advertising everywhere, such as in newspaper and on buses. Most people would agree that this is problematic because they say advertisements are generally ugly to look at and spoil the environment. Another negative point is that advertising is not always truthful. And the trouble with this is that the advertiser tends to exaggerate the benefits of the merchandise he wants to sell. Thus, the consumer become victims of such advertising. Last but not least, it is supposed a further unfavorable quality might be that...
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