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Advertising in Society
In a consumers market there are many products available at any individual’s disposal. But it is advertising that is the fan of the consumer and marketing fire. Advertising can be the reason why a product or service succeeds or fails. The reason why advertising is so instrumental to the success of a product or service is because it speaks to an audience then grabs their attention and persuades them that their life will be improved in some way, with the possession of the certain product or service. Advertising may seem like a simple part of the process but it is the maker and breaker. There are so many different mediums used to advertise a product and so many different ways an advertiser needs to look at that certain product or service to reach all different kinds of audiences. The trick is to connect with as many people as possible.

A solid example of what proper advertisement can or cannot do for a company, product, or service is the fresh food grocery store by the name of Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market. Fresh and Easy is a grocery store that promotes fresher products at a more reasonable price, they do this by offering local and premade products. Fresh and Easy is one of my favorite stores to shop, they offer healthy choices for lower prices and as a young mother, and a student I need to budget my money as proficiently as possible. The advertisement behind Fresh and Easy is not as effective as Fry’s or other major competing grocery stores. They use the radio, and their Sunday paper circular, to advertise. I believe the purpose of using radio is because all different kinds of people listen to the radio. For instance, I enjoy the radio for the music, while my mother enjoys the news stations, and my grandfather only listens for sports updates. There can be improvements on this idea because not all people listen to the radio. I will not say that this wasn’t an effective idea, but there is no doubt in my mind that there can be...
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