Advertising in the Legal Profession

Topics: Lawyer, Barrister, Attorney at law Pages: 3 (752 words) Published: April 5, 2012
Name: Latoya Richards

Cohort : 43

Domain Idea: Advertising and Communications

Title: Advertising in the Legal Profession Issue: What is the scope of advertising for the purpose of the prohibition of advertising in the Legal Profession Act of Trinidad and Tobago No. 21 of 1986? Cause of Problem: Schedule No. 3 Part A of the Legal Profession Act No. 21 of 1986 , Sections 6 and 7: An attorney at law may speak in public or write for publications on legal topics so long as he does not thereby advertise his own professional competence and is not likely to be regarded as being concerned thereby with the giving of individual advice. The best advertisement for an attorney at law is the establishment of a well merited reputation for personal integrity, capacity, dedication to work and fidelity to trust and it is unprofessional: a) To solicit business by circulars or advertisements or interviews not warranted by personal relations; b) To seek retainers through agents of any kind; Background to Era in which Code of Ethics was made: The Legal profession Act of Trinidad and Tobago was drafted in an era of no Internet, two radio stations, state-owned television and two daily newspapers. There was also little means by which consumers could obtain and verify information on the quality of services provided by a legal practitioner. Hence in this context the Legislation was relevant and it served to prevent forms of advertising that would misrepresent the capability of the professional in question. This was determined to be a necessity in a profession where standard was to be maintained. Current Position: Now the State and private sector have expanded the print and broadcast media and the internet has driven the communications channels and reach, including the reach of social media. The public itself is less precocious, more knowledgeable of its rights and more demanding of justice, fairness and transparency. There are several avenues that are opened to consumers where...

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section 37(2) of the Legal Profession Act No.21 of 1986 section 41 of the Legal Profession Act No.21 of 1986
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