Advertising in a complex of marketing communications

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Promotion and marketing communications Pages: 15 (6860 words) Published: June 29, 2014

Technological Educational Institute of Athens

essay for Communication in Business and Tourism

to prof. Katsoni

“Advertising in a complex of marketing communications”

by Yulia Shmakova

spring semester 2014

Looking through information on the Internet for the subject chosen by me, I met a number of interesting sites in which the questions connected with development of advertising in the sphere of tourism and advertising as a whole were taken up. Me similar information interested earlier. But I also didn't assume, this subject is how deep and extensive and how many pressing questions cost on production and advertising distribution. Having examined these and some other questions, I came to a conclusion that today more than ever earlier a hot topic of the term paper chosen by me: "Advertising in a complex of marketing communications".

The purpose of my work:
Analysis television and radio advertisings in the tourism sphere.

Work task:
To study features of advertising in the tourism sphere
To consider types of tourist advertising
To analyses television and a radio advertising of tourist services in Chelyabinsk region; To give an assessment of efficiency of its use from the point of view of the maximum target audience.

As using statistical data, I decided to show current situation today and development prospects. If to tell, generally, about the question brought up by me connected with development of advertising of tourist services, it is possible to note the following tendencies: The last ten years in connection with growth of welfare of travel surely occupied one of leading places in the list of expenses of the population. To the group of companies, tourist services working at the Russian market, belong not only tour operators, but also advertising agencies which help to create and extend advertising on television, radio, in the press, etc. After all advertising is the most considerable product which induces the consumer to acquire goods of that producer which name is displayed in advertising. 1. Advertising in a complex of marketing communications

1.1. Concept of marketing communications
Marketing communications represent information transfer process about goods of target audience. It is necessary to understand that any firm isn't able to operate at once on all markets, satisfying thus inquiries of all consumers. On the contrary, the company will succeed only in case it is aimed at such market which clients with the greatest probability will be interested in its marketing program. The target audience represents group of people who receive marketing addresses and have opportunity to react to them.

Any person who promotes success of the company or advance of its goods is called as the participant of marketing process. Therefore it is possible to call the participant of marketing process the staff of firm, sellers of its production, suppliers, inhabitants of territories where goods are made, mass media, bodies of state regulation of commercial activity and buyers.

Now with increase in a role of information both in society development as a whole, and in the economic sphere, in particular, the importance of effective management of communication processes - information transfers from a source to the recipient with the minimum losses increases.

1.2. Advertising in terms of marketing communications.
In the Federal law "About advertising" which is accepted by the State Duma of 14.06.95, the following definition of advertising is given:

„Advertising - extended in any form, by means of any means information on the natural or legal entity, goods, ideas and undertakings advertising information which is intended for an uncertain circle of people and is urged to form or maintain interest to this natural, legal entity, ideas and undertakings and to promote realization of these goods.“

„Advertising is a tool of the market. In essence, it gives opportunity to...
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