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The Advertising Board of the Philippines , also known as AdBoard  is composed of ten (10) national organizations involved in advertising that are unified together to uphold the progress of Philippine advertising through self-regulation. Being the umbrella organization of the advertising industry, its mission is to practice world class advertising along with advocating professional ethics through responsible and truthful advertising.

AdBoard was formerly known as the Philippine Board of Advertising . The board was formed as a result of a series of meetings in 1973 by leaders in the advertising industry. They felt the urge to commit themselves in creating a committee to achieve their goal in serving the interests of the nation. The Board was established on May 3, 1974.

We are the voice of the Philippine advertising industry.
The pivotal force of a dynamic, prosperous, and responsible industry.

* We recognize self-regulation as the cornerstone of our existence * We uphold the highest standards of fair play and professional ethics. * We foster harmony among our members
* We safeguard the interest of consumers through truthful & responsible advertising * We create the environment where world class advertising flourishes.

by: Cid Reyes
It was the worst of times, it was certainly not the best of times. On September 21, 1972, President Ferdinand Marcos issued President Decree 1081. With one stroke of the pen, the dictator proclaimed emergency rule, and placed the entire country under Martial law. The proclamation was timed near the end of his second and last legal term. With the obvious intent of perpetuating himself in power, Ferdinand E. Marcos ostensibly used the engulfing menace of Communism as a reason for the imposition of Martial Law. Among other acts, the dictatorial government immediately moved to suspend media operations. Due to the mass communication nature of advertising, the government needed to control it. Television and radio stations and newspapers were closed, delivering a considerable blow to the advertising industry. Only one news paper, the crony-owned Daily Express, was allowed to operate after a one-day lapse. Media leader ABS-CBN (Channels 2 and 4) which also owned ABC (Channel 5), DZMT and DZWS, were all closed. With no media outlet available, some advertisers enterprisingly resorted to imaginative venues such as nightclub bands and entertainers singing their jingles. THE MASS MEDIA COUNCIL

Soon after, Marcos directed the formation of the Mass Media Council, supervised jointly by the Secretary of Public Information, Francisco Tatad and the Secretary of National Defense, Juan Ponce Enrile. In turn the Office of Civil Relations was assigned to coordinate all media activities, then under the charge of Colonel Noel Andaya. In January 1973, the Mass Media Council meet with the heads of all communications associations in the Philippines to develop new and updated rules for the conduct of media advertising agencies. At that time, all media and advertising agencies were loosely classified as mass media.s Presiding over the meeting was Andres Cristobal Cruz, director of the Bureau of Standards for Mass Media, an office of the Department of Public Information. Several councils were formed at the meeting, among which was the Council for Advertising, Public Relations, Research and Sales Promotion. It was headed by entrepreneur Francisco R. Floro of Floro Enterprises. A sub-committee was formed under the Chairmanship of Lyle K. Little, who was then president of J. Walter Thompson. The aim was to forge a Code of Ethics as well as Rules and Regulations governing all those engaged in advertising and sales promotions. Participating in the sub-committee were representatives from the Association of Philippine Advertising Agencies, Philippine Association of National Advertisers, Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas, Lapian ng mga...
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