Advertising Is Harmful

Topics: Hamburger, Advertising, McDonald's Pages: 2 (800 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Advertising Is Harmful
Today I went to the bathroom in Tyson’s mall, and I saw a Lenovo camera advertisement stuck in front of the stool. It made me feels like a camera recorded everything in the bathroom. No matter where you go, walking on the street, taking the bus or subway, looking for websites or watching TV shows you always see advertisements. So I believe advertisements are harmful. Some people say that advertisements won’t brainwash them, because they know what they really want. I don’t agree with this, because advertisements affect our subconscious mind. For instance, I have read a newspaper article about a mother who came home and asked her child what he wanted to eat and her child said McDonalds. The mother asked him why McDonalds and the kid said because he always saw it on the TV so he wants to try it. Although a child didn’t really know how McDonald food tastes, McDonalds had been advertised so many times on the TV that the children make the decision to have it for dinner. Not only are kids influenced by advertisements, but adults also are. For example, I bought a Dell laptop last year, but returned it a week later. I saw the Dell advertisements everywhere, at the college, the website, and even walking on the street, so when I wanted to buy a laptop, Dell became my first choice. I returned it a week later, because my friend told me Lenovo laptop has the same configuration as the Dell laptop but the price was much cheaper. This example demonstrates how the advertisement induces people to buy products. When people have seen advertisements many times, they have good impressions of the product in their minds. So not was only I had been influenced by advertisements, but most people are also. For example, most people bought IPhones rather than other phones because IPhones advertisements around everywhere. Often an advertisement not only disturbs our daily lives, but also provides untrue information. Companies always show perfect products in their...
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