Advertising Is Legalized Lying. Advertising Essay

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Advertising Essay
In today’s society, everyone is being constantly bombarded by commercials. The average person sees 3,000 to 20,000 ads in one normal day. All advertisements may seem clever but will never let the product shown live up to its full expectations. Such advertisements such as weight loss food which lets someone ‘eat as much food as they want and lose weight’, is just not that effective. H.G Wells quoted: “Advertising is legalized lying”

In modern society, advertisers find new and more creative ways to advertise to their target audiences. Advertisers will spend hundreds of billions of dollars encouraging, persuading, and manipulating people to buy their product to make a profit by stretching the truth. Children are a vulnerable target audience to be taken advantage by advertisers as they are easy to influence. For children, they will not know right from wrong and can easily believe anything. In the poem of ‘Breakthrough’ by Bruce Dawe which criticizes modern society. This is a satire on what ‘breakthrough’ actually means, as defined by, “a sudden, dramatic, and important discover or development especially in science”. A certain advertisement for a breakfast food which is full of lies is Nutella ads.

The poem of breakthrough also allows the reader to see how the media has successfully dominated us. The little girl in the poem would rather sing a jingle from a breakfast food advertisement or a toilet tissue ad. In lines 5 to 7, it states; “Singing the delights still to be found, in breakfast food or toilet tissue, she with all the sales appeal of infancy.” For someone that is in a hospital, they would turn to religion or god for comfort but in this the little girl would rather sing a song from an advertisement that was only made to let a company make a profit. Bruce Dawe also states on line 13 “Angels, backed up by guitars.” This means that the meaning of life is advertised by the media. The little girl’s death can then be...
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