Advertising Management: Advertising Critique

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Advertising Critique

MM 575: Advertising Management

Summer I 2012: Monday

DeVry University, Keller Graduate School of Management

Advertising Critique

I. Introduction:
Welcome as a customer of The Keller Advertising Agency! We are very great full and we feel very honored that you have chosen our agency. As Vice President, we want to thank you for choosing our agency to help you introduce your new eReader into the marketplace. Our agency is pleased to help you create a market that will welcome your new product with open arms and know that your targeted audience is receiving an eReader that is different from others in the market right now. The Keller Advertising Agency is an award winning agency who will be sure to put your needs first so we can capture a spot in the marketplace for your new eReader. We will accomplish this by ensuring that we have a clear vision of your mission, message, values, to exhibit creativity of your product and to help the consumer to be able to identity LibraTech's eReader from other eReaders in the market. The Keller Advertising Agency will create an integrated marketing communication strategy that will speak consistently with one voice, one message and to let LibraTech's eReader compete in the market place with other readrs. We must segment your market and attract the right audience who is looking for a different eReader than what is in the current market place now. With the rising cost of text books and rental costs for text books dropping; we simply want to help you give your readers a chance to make a choice of reading products that fit their lifestyle. We will accomplish this goal by first, helping you with your naming strategy, help you analyze the marketplace to determine the perfect ad campaign, establish your target market, then we will introduce to LibraTech to an advertising strategy that is second to none. II. Product Naming Strategy

LibraTech will become number one in electronic text books industry because just imagine being one of the top eReader providers in the market place. We will accomplish this by ensuring that it is a name that sounds good, it is benefit-oriented that will make the consumers think about really wanting to do it, make sure it is web 2.0 friendly, we will not use a name that is to generic, by making sure it is simple, your name will be specific in meaning, it will define who your product want to attract and it will be trademarkable to help build your brand. This strategy is effective when you are releasing your product in the electronic technology category. There are over 10 other brands your eReader is competing with so it is important to make it easy for your targeted audience to know what they are getting. The next goal would be to create your niche that will remind your target market who LibraTech is. This will have them thinking about your product above the competition because it will give them more to think about. During this process we want to start building brand awareness for LibraTech. We want to hook the consumer with a name that will help them think of what they want in an eReader. Here are some recommended examples of how to accomplish this. Some same names would be Easy Reader, this is an simple name to remember and consumer want an electronic device that is easy to use. Cyreader, Cy means cyber, so this will remind the consumer that they will be able to use the internet while reading their ebook but they will also be able to download their ebook right now. Another recommended name would be Elink reader, this reminds the consumer that they are a link away from the book or magazine they want to read at this moment. The task is to keep it easy and simple for your target audience to remember who you are and why you are here. III. Research

The following research analysis captures information from various data sources such as: online...

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