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nline Advertising in Nigeria
One of the best channels for promoting
brands , products and businesses is Internet
advertising and it has evolved into one of the
most explored new mediums available today.
The popularity of the Internet as a new media
channel has exploded in recent years,
attributed mostly to faster, more reliable and
more affordable broadband connections . More
and more advertisers are shifting from
traditional advertising channels and going
online in order to maximize audience exposure
and capture a bigger share of this growing
In economies such as Nigeria which are not
regulated or dominated by monopolies, the
market is open to fierce competition among
several players who would use all the latest
advertising tools available and have whatever
advantage they can get over their competitors .
However, conventional tri -media advertising
channels are expensive and affordable only to
large corporations.
Internet advertising provides a versatile ,
effective and more affordable advertising
medium that many businesses in Nigeria can
In the Nigerian landscape , marketers and their
clients are becoming aware of the need and
underlying effects of online marketing , the
trend has started to build where agencies
ignorantly advise clients to use banner ads and
display ads for campaign on facebook, yahoo,
local news and entertainment sites , as opposed
to looking critically at what the clients want to
achieve and advising them on all the various
digital marketing platforms available and what
each of them can achieve and how to use
them .
Online advertising is a form
of promotion that uses the Internet and World
Wide Web to deliver marketing messages to
attract customers .
Various types of Advertising
Large majority of online advertising has a cost
that is brought about by usage or interaction
of an ad ,
Floating ad: An ad which moves across the
user ’s screen or floats above the content.
Expanding ad : An ad which changes size and
which may alter the contents of the webpage .
Polite ad : A method by which a large ad will
be downloaded in smaller pieces to minimize
the disruption of the content being viewed
Wallpaper ad: An ad which changes the
background of the page being viewed .
Trick banner: A banner ad that looks like a
dialog box with buttons. It simulates an error
message or an alert .
Pop- up : A new window which opens in front of
the current one, displaying an advertisement,
or entire webpage .
Pop- under : Similar to a Pop-Up except that
the window is loaded or sent behind the
current window so that the user does not see
it until they close one or more active windows .
Video ad: similar to a banner ad, except that
instead of a static or animated image , actual
moving video clips are displayed. This is the
kind of advertising most prominent
in television, and many advertisers will use the
same clips for both television and online
advertising .
Map ad : text or graphics linked from , and
appearing in or over, a location on an
electronic map such as on Google Maps.
Mobile ad: an SMS text or multi-media
message sent to a cell phone .
Interstitial ad : a full -page ad that appears
before a user reaches their original
destination .
E -mail advertising
Legitimate Email advertising or E -mail
marketing is often known as “opt - in e -mail
advertising” or permission marketing to
distinguish it from spam.
Display advertising
Display advertising appears on web pages in
many forms , including web banners. These
banners can consist of static or animated
images , as well as interactive media that may
include audio and video elements. Display
advertising on the Internet is widely used
for branding. This is why metrics like
interaction time are becoming more relevant .
Display advertisers use cookie and browser
history to determine demographics and
interests of users and target appropriate ads to
those browsers....
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