Advertising: "Nike Write the Future"

Topics: 2006 FIFA World Cup, Manchester United F.C., Advertising Pages: 11 (3489 words) Published: January 25, 2011

These days, advertising, especially online, is about going viral, having people share the ads with their friends getting as much exposure as possible physically. In an image representative all world, ‘Nike’ is the world's most recognizable landmark. It became a cultural icon. Nike’s new advertisement, called "Nike Write the Future" is no doubt a success. With advertising the sports brand has surely been another huge success. It has adverted things as a big picture that explain the consequences of winning and losing. Nike's three minute "Write the Future" epic is being produced by Wieden + Kennedy Ad agency that was directed by illustrious Mexican filmmaker Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. The whole clip is about football players writing their on destinies on their biggest stage which is the World Cup. 

This new World Cup commercial has soccer fans buzzing crazy because the global TV premiere of the ad has been during and has already exists a number of views on many review sites. The ad is three minutes long containing tripping around the world, showing the football culture worldwide, and including awesome acting of:

i. Cristiano Ronaldo
ii. Didier Drogba
iii. Wayne Rooney
iv. Fabio Cannavaro
v. Franck Ribery
vi. Andres Iniesta
vii. Cesc Fabregas
viii. Theo Walcott
ix. Patrice Evra
x. Gerard Pique
xi. Ronaldinho
xii. Landon Donovan
xiii. Tim Howard
xiv. Thiago Silva
xv. Roger Federer
xvi. Kobe Bryant
xvii. Homer Simpson

The video clip starts off by showing Didier Drogba from Ivory Coast receiving a long ball from his team mate. He dribbled past a defender and set himself up for a one-on-one battle with the goalkeeper. At the same time, Italy's captain Fabio Cannavaro was rushing back to defend his goal post. Drogba then cleverly chipped the ball over the keeper towards the gaping goal-mouth. The whole Ivory Coast nation was so delighted when they saw Drogba's ball was heading into an empty net. They were already celebrating. Then, Fabio Cannavaro suddenly appeared and execute a bicycle kick with his Nike’s boot to make that all important clearance for Italy. He instantly became a hero and there is a song dedicated just for him back in Italy. Fabio Cannavaro was of course of smile. While the Cannavaro’s song was being played, there is a group of girls that dance when the song was played. They are wearing short skirts and this can attract especially men outside there to watch this ads. This is called some sex appeal approach are used by the director. Other than that, the song played was a bit create the humor sense as well. After that, it continues with the scene of England's Wayne Rooney picked up a pass from his mate. Time was running out and he was unsure who he should pass the ball too. He saw a friend and lobbed a long ball for him. Unfortunately Frank Ribery from France managed to intercept his pass and launched a counter attack. Wayne then imagine how is future is being destroyed. England stock market crashed and he became national bad character. He was booted out from Manchester United and worked as a football field maintainer. Wayne ended up staying in a rust bucket. But when he was saw a Nike Ad on the giant billboard showing Frank Ribery, he was immediately fired up. He woke up and chased after Frank Ribery. He caught up and managed to tackle the ball away from Frank. Immediately he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth. Then baby boom happened in England and all the babies were named after him which is Wayne. And lastly he was seen playing table tennis with Roger Federer. In this scene, he was too relaxed while playing and it was struggle for Federer to beat him. It shows that how Rooney’s future becomes good after he has won the ball over Ribery on the day before. In this situation, we can see that how loyalty are Rooney to the Nike’s product. Even though he was on top or below, he still used the Nike products. With this, it may...
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