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Topics: Advertising, Consumer protection, Maslow's hierarchy of needs Pages: 20 (5319 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Chapter 4- Social, Ethical, and Regulatory Aspects of Advertising and Promotions * Activities online redirected back to social media accounts * Celebrities paid to tweet
* FTC has rules about making people reveal that they’re really being paid to voice their opinions * We are being targeted with communication highlights that the social, ethical, and regulatory aspects of advertising are as dynamic and controversial as any of the strategic or creative elements of the process The Social Aspect of Advertising

* Positive- effect on consumer’s knowledge, standard of living, and feelings of happiness and well-being. * Negative- variety of social criticisms of advertising, ranging from the charge that advertising wastes resources and promotes materialism to the argument that advertising perpetuates stereotypes Advertising Educates Consumers

* Pros: advertising informs
* Educates consumers, gives them info they need to make informed purchase decisions * Features, benefits, value
* Reduces product search time
* Communicates important social issues like responsible drinking * Cons: advertising is superficial and Intrusive
* No good product info at all and hat it is so pervasive and intrusive to daily life that it is impossible to escape * Ads don’t carry enough actual product info
* Biased, no pure info
* Consumers are getting frustrated-
* Advertisers need to pay attention to consumers aggravation with the clutter and intrusiveness of advertising for one very important reason- clutter and intrusiveness reduce the effectiveness of advertising * MySpace article*

* Advertising improves the standard of living
* Pro Advertising helps lower cost of production
* Economies of scale- costs less to produce products in large quantities * Created by advertising contribution to stimulate demand * Products cost less then if there were no advertising at all * Consumer shave a greater variety of choice in products and services because advertising increases the profitability of success that new products will succeed * More products that succeed, the fewer losses incur from failed product introductions * Pressure of competition and the desire to have fresh, marketable brands, motivates firms to produce improved products and brands and introduce lower priced brands * The speed and reach of the advertising process aids in the diffusion of innovations * New discoveries can be delivered really quickly * Innovators succeed when advertising communicates their benefits to the customers * Con: advertising wastes resources and raises the standard of living only for some * Represents an inefficient, wasteful, process that does little more than shuffling of existing total demand * Doesn’t contribute to the expansion of actual demand * Brings economic stagnation and lower standard of living * Brand differences are trivial- proliferation of brands does offer a great variety of choice but rather a meaningless waste of resources and confusion and frustration for the consumer * Tool of capitalism- only helps widen the gap between rich and poor * Strife between social classes

Advertising affects happiness and general well-being

* Cons: advertising creates needs
* Makes people buy things they don’t really need
* Cosmetics typically spend from 15 to 30 cents from every dollar to promote their brands as the ultimate solution to the ideal complexion * Pros: advertising addresses a wide variety of basic human needs * You need to consider basic nature of human needs (maslow) * Physiological needs-

* Safety needs
* Love and belonging needs
* Esteem needs
* Self actualization needs
* Not...
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