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A Project Report


‘Fevicol’ Brand


Submitted By
Kaustubh agrawal

Amity School of Business
Amity University, Uttar Pradesh


It gives me great pleasure to express my heart felt gratitude towards all those who guided me in formulation of this project report. There are several people who deserve more than a written acknowledgement of exemplary help. In my efforts to accomplish this task I have received a great amount of help and guidance from some individuals who I wish to thank from the bottom of my heart.

I am grateful to Mrs. Princy Agarwal, Faculty, ASB, Amity University, Noida who has always encouraged me a lot. Her continuous support has lead us to formulate our project in a right way.

Although we have tried to express our gratitude to every person but there still maybe some hiding veils of unknown who we might have not been able to recognize, we would like to thank all of them.

Kaustubh Agrawal


As a student of B.B.A. (Bachelor of Business Administration), one of the most reputed professional courses, I have to undergo for the dissertation in the final semester.

The Report is based on Systematic and Scientific search for pertinent information on Specific Topic.

The topic for my dissertation is:
“Advertising of ‘Fevicol’ Brand”.

The Research Report revolves around the changes occurred in Advertising strategies of Fevicol and their effectiveness in getting potential sales through the change in consumer perception about the brand. The objectives are predefined and the task is to accomplish them.

The study was confined geographically to selected areas of UP. The potential respondents are the home base consumers and the industrial consumers, who have commercial use for the product. The whole process during the dissertation is well planned, the primary data collection is done from the respondents and the secondary data is collected through various sources.


← Introduction

← Impact of Effective Advertising on Consumer Attitude ← Need & Essentials of Effective Advertisement
← Situations favoring Advertisements
← An ideal consumer-feeling response to an effective advertisements ← Advertisement & Consumer Attitude

← Statement of Problem

← Objective of Study

← Research Methodology

← Advertising
← Characteristics, Nature, Scope, Functions

← Company Profile
← About Company
← Products
← Competitors
← Current Advertising Strategy

← Data Collection
← Data Analysis

← Recommendations

← SWOT Analysis

← Bibliography

← Questionnaire

List of Table

1. Brand Awareness Level

2. Brand Familiarity

3. Most Remembered Ad

4. Rating of Script of Ad

5. Advertising Promotes

6. Advertising Effect over Purchase Decision

7. Product Purchase Factor

8. Loyalty Graph

9. Effect of Advertisement on repurchase decision

10. Factors preferred during Fevicol Purchase

11. Competitors known after Fevicol

List of Abbreviations used

← Ad/Ads:Advertisement/Advertisements

← PIL:Pidilite Industries Limited

← FMCG:Fast Moving Consumer Goods

← No.:Number

← mn / bn:million / billion

← pa:per annum

← FY:Fiscal Year

← org.:organization

← wef:with effect from

← R&D:Research & Development

← ISO:International Standard Organization

← IT:Information Technology

← TVC:Television Commercial

← O&M:Ogilvy & Mather...
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