Advertising on time

Topics: Dentyne, Advertising, Woman Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Advertising Analysis
                Over the years advertising has changed in many ways. Advertisements are becoming more blunt, stereotypical and sexually driven. What has amazed me the most is how creative multimedia is towards generalizing ads to fit its consumers. Companies are using basic needs of food, air, sleep and sex to grab the attention of the consumer toward their product. I choose two advertisements from Dentyne Ice gum to analyze the products effects on the cultural and social society of today. These advertisements are from the same company, Dentyne Ice. The service of this product is to provide a mouth with a clean, refreshed, minty feeling. Their slogan is “Practice safe breath.” The target audience is anyone who wants a clean, refreshed, minty feeling in their mouth, who I believe includes everyone and anyone or should at least. But Dentyne mostly targets both men and women between the ages of sexually active 18 year olds to sexually proactive 55year olds. The setting of one of the advertisements includes a young, pretty, woman, looking back with a innocent smile and a chemistry reference of (Mm) for marriage material. The caption used in this advertisement is “ When you find what you like, make chemistry. Dentyne Ice.” This advertisement is portraying the young woman as an object to look for that can be attracted by their product, Dentyne Ice gum. The second advertisement I chose from Dentyne Ice is a comparison between Dentyne Ice peppermint brand (a man leaned in for a kiss, intense, passionate look on his face) and Dentyne Fire spicy cinnamon brand (a woman leaned toward the man, passionate, lustful look in her eyes) using a caption of “feel the intensity.” The Dentyne Ice peppermint and Dentyne fire cinnamon are piggy backing off the Trojan condoms fire and ice commercial by using the sexually intensity between men and women and fire and ice. So when a person in going to the store The audience has now associated Dentyne Gum...
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