Advertising Past and Present Paper - 1

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Advertising Past and Present Paper
July 20, 2012

Advertising Past and Present Paper
Advertising is considered as a nonpaid platform to communicate the target customers about the products and services (Hill, O'Sullivan & Hill, 2003). There are different tools and tactics that are used in advertising. It is true that over the years, the form of advertising has changed in a dramatic manner. Taste & preferences of target market have changed that resulted into the alterations in the advertising patterns. Print advertising before 1970 was different in comparison to the present form of print advertisement. I have selected print advertisement of Coca Cola. There will be a discussion of target market, changes in advertising, impact of social, cultural and ethical issues. Target Market

Target market plays a vital role in the success or failure of print advertising that if not considered effectively can result in a loss of valuable resource and time. Before 1970, the expectations of customer were not so modernize, but after 1970, a dramatic shift in the demands and expectations of target market has changed. In past print advertisings, target market generally comprised of specific age group, gender and occupation (Lancaster & Reynolds, 2005). Nowadays, print advertisements are generally oriented towards people of all age group, gender, race and occupation. In past form of print advertisements, the focus of marketers was mainly to target a particular group. In present scenario, target market is selected on the basis of all key factors like geographic, demographic and psychographic. Before 1970, the target market for Coca Cola was mainly youth (Hill, O'Sullivan & Hill, 2003). After 1970, the target market for Coca Cola has changed to every age group people.

Print Advertisement of Coca Cola in 1964 (Magazine Ads, 2010).

Print Advertisement of Coca Cola 2009 (Coca Cola Open Happiness, 2010) Advertising Changes
As a trend of globalization the form of advertising has changed significantly. It is also observed that advertising in past was not as vivid and innovative as it is now (Hill, O'Sullivan & Hill, 2003). Use of innovative tools, tactics and symbols become the trend of present form of print advertising that is quite different from the past form of advertising. Print advertising strategy of Coca Cola has changed dramatically that reflects the shift. Advertisers now only focus on the attractive message and content to entice the attention of the selected target market for particular product or service. There are different aspects and factors that are responsible for the dramatic changes that have occurred in the advertising pattern. These are as follows: Taste & Preferences: For an advertiser, taste & preferences of target market matter a lot in the success or failure of a developed advertisement. In past, the taste & preferences of target market were not as highlighted and visible for the marketers due to that their advertising strategies were not as influential. Now, due to changing scenario, taste and preferences of the target market has changed dramatically (Hill, O'Sullivan & Hill, 2003). Nowadays, customer become intelligent and chooses only those products that are advertised effectively. To fulfill the expectations of customers, use of marketing mix has also changed in the present form of advertising. Currently, marketing mix is presented in an elaborated form in the print advertisements (Goi, 2009). Consumer decision making: Decision making of consumers has also changed the advertising pattern in a tremendous manner. In past, consumer behavior was predictable, but in present, due to availability of alternatives, consumer behavior is unpredictable. A slight mistake in the advertising strategy can result into the loss of millions for the marketers. To retain the customers and ensure a loyalty from the target market, marketers have altered their advertising...

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