Advertising Principle: The Malaysian Code of Advertising Practice

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Advertising Principles: Assignment #1
The Malaysian Code Of Advertising Practice

The Malaysian Code Of Advertising Practice

“The Malaysian Code of Advertising Practice” is a fundamental part of the system of control by which Malaysian advertising regulates its activities, and it is administered by the Advertising Standards Authority Malaysia (ASA) whose members are drawn from those of the Malaysian Media Associations and Agents. The whole idea or objective of “The Malaysian Code of Advertising Practice” is to avoid any unnecessary argument or complaints between the media, the government and the public.

Health products/Medicines
All advertisements containing medical claims must be approved by Lembaga Iklan Ubat, Kementerian Kesihatan. There are no references, address, statement, visual and/or audio are allowed to any medical advisers, party or company on those unclear medicine products with unacceptable general claims. And drugs requiring medical prescription should not be advertised.

The alcoholic drinks industry and the advertising business accept responsibility for ensuring that advertising is always socially responsible. Children should not be portrayed in advertisements for alcoholic drink, and anyone shown drinking should obviously be over 18. Advertisements should not seek to (i) Encourage excessive consumption and over indulgence and nor suggest that drinking can overcome boredom, loneliness or other problems; and (ii) Exploit those who are especially vulnerable because of age, inexperience or any physical, mental or social incapacity.

Products targeted to children
Advertisements addressed to children and young people or likely to be seen by them, should not contain anything which might result in harming them physically, mentally or morally or which might exploit their credulity, lack of experience or natural sense of loyalty. The way in which children...
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