Advertising Project Report

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Advertising Project Report

Reinforce An Existing International Men’s Suiting Brand In Pakistan Luca Toni

Fahad Ahmed
Hafiz Ali Alvi
Mohammad Omer Mukhtar
Syed Salman Abbas
Zaid Farhan Kardar
Umair tauqeer

Ms. Mahjebeen Rafay
December 6th, 2010
Lahore School of Economics
There are many acknowledgements to make as we have concluded our work successfully. Thanks to the Almighty Allah Who enabled us to work with integrity and courage and to reach conclusion for all good.

No student can excel without a quality teacher. We would like to complement our instructor, Ms. Mahjabeen Rafay, who put everything to make us learn in a very systematic manner and provided this opportunity to apply our knowledge and skills. The efforts of our instructor provided us with vision to see through the scenario with expertise. We would also like to recognize the efforts of our dear class fellow, Muhammad Ibrahim Rana, for his participation and help in throughout our research.

Born in 1985, Luca Toni is a designer that has targeted men’s wear and accessories in Italy and has established its business worldwide. Luca Toni started initially targeting the executive wear only, but later it started manufacturing fashion wear to target the youth and the normal salaried income group. Luca Toni has more than 100 sales outlets in Italy. These outlets are also present in USA and in UK. Luca Toni is among the top 15 men’s wear brands in Italy and has also established an important brand positioning in the other countries. Following the trends in suiting, and the thirst of Pakistani market for the Italian style, Luca Toni started its business in Pakistan in 1998, when the conditions were the best for business in this country.

Demographics are very important in determining the target market for any product. We have a target market which defines many components of demographics which are as following: Age & Gender
As far as age is concerned, our target audience is the group 20 and above, which is called the prime age group of Pakistan, which represents 77% of its male population. We believe that these people are heavy consumers of the product and are also a major part of population. As far as the gender is concerned, our target is the men only. Education

With respect to education level, our target market is the educated class. This is because these are the people who have complete information about our product and will be the best audience to choose the best quality and price regarding air conditioners. These are the people who will be aware of the latest fashions and styles prevalent in the market and would surely bebefit the most from our brand. Psychological influences

Psychological influences are also very important from advertising point of view. Understanding psychological factors is very important for knowing what basically motivates people to buy certain brands. There are many factors as listed below: Perception

Branding is the first thing, which comes to the mind with respect the perception of consumers. our main focus is to create awareness of our product as awareness was the major problem with product not being very successful earlier. So we will focus on creating a good image of our product to make our target audience receptive to our product. Need and wants

Our product is basically a luxury good and falls into the category of wants. But now a days it has developed in a very excessively used want which is under immense consideration of the buyers. So once again awareness is very important to make consumers to think about our product and make a decision to buy it. So we have to create a need for it as it is not an essential product Personality

Focusing on personality is very important in advertising. We have focused some personality traits including ambitious, self-confident. Our tag line says “affordability matching class” which...
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