Advertising Regulations

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Advertising Regulation

Advertising today comes in various forms of information such as television, newspaper, Internet, etc. With all these types of outlets of advertising, these regulations are put into place for the industry to follow on what can be put out there for the different type of audiences the advertising can affect. There are many types of advertising that these regulations pertain to for example tobacco and children. Currently, the market is using the self regulation law to promote to children which could become, in my opinion, a form of brain washing for children. The following research will discuss my viewpoints on the topic of advertising regulations along with articles to support my findings.

Advertising Regulation
Advertising regulation can be defined as the laws and rules in which products can be advertised in a particular region. In this day and age the government is leaning towards self imposed advertising regulation in which the companies can decide what is good for their selected audience. “Some of the nation's largest food and beverage companies proposed new self-imposed regulations Thursday to drastically restrict the kinds of products they advertise and market toward children” (Seidman, A., 2011, 15). There is a lot of controversy on what companies are trying to advertise and people think government regulations towards an audience under the age of 18 would be monitored closely. Advertising has developed to be more and more pervasive. Back in the day we used to get ads on television and radio, in print, and on the stray roadside banner. Now, it is all over the place, from the ads on the floor of grocery stores to logo-covered trash cans. There are also guerilla marketing techniques and product placement in television and movies that keep brands in our consciousness all the time. I believe that advertising junk food, fast food, and sodas encourage unfortunate...

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