Advertising Strategies in Sri Lankan Market

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FMCG Product - Panadol Advertisement

Most of Panadol advertisements are really consistent with Brand Identity . This advertisement also carries the brand identity well. When we analysis this advertisement, it is a reinforcement advertisement while educating customers how to use the product. Panadol is mass product but different advertising campaigns run to attract each segment such as middle class customers, upper class customers, children, elders and some sickness and general brand building advertisements. Each campaign is not badly affected on the other segment . If we compare this advertisement with Three wheeler driver and the self-employed mother advertisement we can understand the difference well. But all campaigns carry the Brand identity well. This advertisement was targeted upper middle and upper level customers who are educated enough to decide their OTC drugs without getting doctor’s recommendation. Non educated mother never do it without asking doctor. Brand is more prominent throughout the advertisement. Brand positioning is also well establish in this advertisement. Panadol is trust painkiller for many years in Sri Lanka and people believe it is best solution for small sickness. This advertisement also show the trustiness of happy mother with three children Consumer Insight

Consumer insight of this panadol advertisement is that the mother is a family knows about her children well than any other person and mother’s caring is not compare with anybody else. Our mother knows how much we eat, how much we drink, what we need, what we like and dislike and children are so bonded with mother than father. Mother’s primary responsibility to care all her children. She is the family member who decide what and how much for each person. This insight is true in majority of Sri Lankan families. Even elder children are depend on their mother. Sometime, even father is depending on mothers opinion for this kind of situation.

Advertising Idea
Panadol wanted to use this insight and educate customer to use Panadol as OTC drug for their children without doctors’ prescription. But due to it is drug, they should use the perfect dosage. Therefore , the person who gives medicine for children should be well aware about this. And Mother is the perfect person for this. However, she should follow the age and weight of child to decide the dosage. With panadol box images advertisement well explain the dosage and benefits of the product..

Relevance to Brand and the Consumer
It is relevance to brand and consumer both. By educating target customers how to use it as OTC drug, they can achieve the brand targets . it is the perfect way to use the panadol for children. We know for sure, for elders, two panadol is enough. But for children, the ml dosage is varying with the age and weight. Some mothers just do it as doctor prescribe only. But if you know the age and weight we can do it ourselves. This advertisement carry this message to consumer. Every mother knows the age of her children and weight with immunization record book. Further weight measurement for toddler and kids are primary responsibility of mothers. Therefore it is difficult to convince the message and consumer or parents are more confidence about what they give to her child.

Use of Symbols and Colors
Panadol is a mass product and their advertising campaigns are targeted for each segment. This advertisement was for middle, upper level customers , specially educated mothers to reinforce the brand. They are more forward to take own decision. The mother of the advertisement shows the target market well. Environment of the advertisement school children’s water bottle, and the house environment shows the target market precisely. Orange, red and mixed yellow has used to keep the brand constancy of brand colors. And blue, pink and green used to highlight the children for water bottles. Kitchen, and rack of medicine also indicate the middle and...
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