Advertising Strategy of Adidas: a Comparative Study 2

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Advertising Strategy of Adidas: A comparative Study

Adidas was formed by German sports apparel by the founder Adi Dassler during 1920s. While Dassler was in his mother’s wash room he decided to begin an athletic shoe. After he made the shoe he had help from his brother and twelve other people to produce around 50 handmade shoes per day. These athletic shoes were made for running and training. “For over 80 years, Adidas has been part of the world of sports on every level, delivering state-of-the-art sports footwear, apparel and accessories. Today, Adidas is a global leader not only in the shoe industry, but also in the sporting goods industry. Shoes from the Adidas are available in virtually every country of the world.

Recently Adidas and the NBA joined forces and made “The Brotherhood”. “The Brother hood” consists of Tracy McGRady of The Houston Rockets, Dwyane Wade of TheMiami Heat, Tim Duncan of The San Antonio Spurs, Chauncey Bill ups of the Detroit Pistons and Gilbert Arenas of the Washington Wizards. When it came down to it Adidas and the NBA came up with the slogan called “Basketball is a Brotherhood.” The main focus of “The Brotherhood was Adidas to sponsor the NBA. The way these six players were selected was by their athletic ability which is why they are also known as all stars. Then these six players decided to form a series that would help kids to discover their dream by playing with NBA Stars. A strong advertising and public Relation events makes adidas as a worldwide recognized brand and it would be more sustainable in the world market.

The company Adidas was founded in the early 1920s as Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik, in Herzogenaurach in Germany. Adolf Dassler designed a pair of sport shoes in 1925 and few years later he and his brother Rudolph were selling special shoes for tennis players and began design specific shoes for different sports. The family company split in 1948. After the split, Adolf (Adi)Dassler founded Adidas and his brother Rudolph founded Puma. The three-stripe logo was designed in 1941 by AdiDassler and he registered it as a trademark for Adidas after the split. The strength of Adidas was its product innovation. Adi Dassler registered more than seven hundred patents. Adidas began selling its shoes in the United States after 1968 and in few years the company dominated the American market. The most important marketing breakthrough was the active promotion of global sporting events, especially the Olympics. The connection of Adidas to the Olympics has a rich heritage. At the 1972 Olympic game in Munich, every official wore Adidas. Activities: manufacture and distribution of textiles, shoes and appliances for sport and related products. Adidas has 107 subsidiaries in 20 countries, and exports to 160 countries. Exploitation of the registered trademark “Adidas” is made where ever it is an opportunity. Activities of the company and its subsidiaries are directed from Adidas-Salomon AG's headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Products: Adidas - Footwear, apparel, and hardware such as bags and balls. Salom on -Winter sports incl. skis, snowboards, snowblades,ski boots and bindings, inline skates, hiking, apparel. Mavic -Cycle components,

Bonfire -Snowboard apparel. 
Arc'Teryx - Outdoor apparel, climbing equipment,
Cliché – Skateboard equipment, footwear and apparel, 
Taylor Made-Adidas Golf - Golf equipment, golf apparel, golf shoes and finally,  Maxfli - Golf balls, irons and accessories.

In 1990, Adidas was holding on to just a two to three percent share of the U.S. market. Between 1988 and 1992 Adidas total sales dropped from nearly $2 billion to $1.7 billion. In the same period, Nike’s sales went from $1.2 billion to more than $3.4 billion. From being the U.S. market leader in the late 1970s, Adidas’s market share dropped to 3 percent in 1992. The European market shares dropped while Nike’s shares grew. Adidas also have had problems with...
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