Advertising Strategy of Coco-Cola

Topics: Advertising, Coca-Cola, The Coca-Cola Company Pages: 2 (422 words) Published: June 1, 2013
Advertising Strategy of Coco-Cola
Coco Cola had started their advertisements since 1906. They started off with ‘The Pause that Refreshes’. Then from 1930’s to 1950’s, it used the theme of ‘Refresh’. They were also smart enough to catch political situation as in 1970’s they had advertising slogan of ‘Look up America’. In the year 1993, they had advertising of ‘Always Coco Cola’. To show that coke was one of the most common and affordable pleasures, year 2000 saw Coke came up with ‘Coco-Cola Enjoy’. Also they came up with ‘Diet Coke’ to refresh their brand and attract youth conscious of their diet. Advertising Strategy of Sprite

Sprite was introduced in year 1961. Coco-Cola’s campaign ‘Great Lymon Taste makes sense’ did great benefit for Sprite and they were able to beat 7up in market share. Another advertising campaign was ‘I like the Sprite in you’. In the year 1994, Sprite came up with slogan, ‘Obey Your Thirst’. This campaign helped in creating a major impact in market. Comparison between Coco-Cola and Sprite

Coco-Cola can be considered as a pioneer in drinks. Sprite was part of the anti-carbonated drink and it didn’t have a major impact rather it took benefit from Coco Cola’s campaign to beat 7up in market share. Also Coco-Cola had strong advertising strategy, more aggressive and always ready to catch the political climate. These factors made Coco-Cola stand out in market.

Globalization versus Localization in advertising
Global impact has always been very critical for brands in market. The international perception for a brand always adds to its market share. In the context of the case study, the finest example of Globalization is Coco-Cola. They had targeted the drinks industry at a global level. Locally they faced a lot of competitors but none of them could compete with them at Global advertising. To beat the major competitors such as 7up, Sprite did major advertising globally to target at a larger scale. The results of the global advertising...
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