Advertising Surrounds Us in Our Everyday Lives - Essay

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Advertising surrounds us in our everyday lives, and advertisers use countless means to catch the customer's eye, including sexuality, celebrity appeal, fantasy, comedy, and plain old creativity. This is evident in the following analysis of two ads, one for Calvin Klein perfume and one for Scope mouthwash, appearing in the same issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. While both ads target the same audience, Calvin Klein focuses on fantasy and celebrity appeal, while Scope utilizes creativity.

Magazines. Television. Radio. Billboards. Advertisements surround us in our everyday lives; there is almost nowhere you can venture without their presence. As noted author on advertising psychology James Randolph Adams once remarked, "Advertising is the principle reason why the business man has come to inherit the earth" (Richards 1). This is strikingly true, if you were to say "the golden arches," how many people would know what you were talking about? Almost everyone, that is how much advertising has affected our lives. How do these promotions become so integrated in our society? By the way it is advertised. The executives in charge of an ad may spend thousands of dollars and months of planning on one little page in a magazine. They use countless means to catch the consumer's eye, including sexuality, celebrity appeal, fantasy, comedy, and plain old creativity,...

Advertising Objectives

Advertising objectives are the communication tasks to be accomplished with specific customers that a company is trying to reach during a particular time frame. A company that advertises usually strives to achieve one of four advertising objectives: trial, continuity, brand switching, and switchback. Which of the four advertising objectives is selected usually depends on where the product is in its life cycle.

The purpose of the trial objective is to encourage customers to make an initial purchase of a new product. Companies will typically employ creative advertising strategies in...
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