Advertising Techniques Essay

Topics: Advertising, Actor, Jingle Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: July 12, 2011
Advertisers believe that children have the ability to move a large amount of money because they are one of the most influential groups of consumption. Therefore, many advertisers try their best to make advertisements drawing the children’s attention, and persuading their desire. In order to achieve these purposes, there are four main techniques commonly used to create effective advertisements. The first technique believed to be the most successful, is the use of cartoon characters. The term “cartoon characters” refers to interesting and humorous characters in animation movies, comics, novels, newspaper, magazine etc. They are often used to draw the children’s attention. An illustration of this is “Boo Berry” cereal product, using a monster character Boo Berry as the company advertisement. The advertisement is proved to be successful especially when Halloween, children stock their cabinets full of the cereals. Another popular technique employed in advertising is the use of free offers or giveaways. The term ‘giveaways’ refers to a small gift provided with the product or services when it is sold. An example of this is the McDonald fast food restaurant offering a free DVD, Happy Meal toys, glasses, watches to children who buy twenty piece of chicken nuggets packed in special box. The box is decorated with games, puzzles, and a special McNuggets of Fun code. Each code, which can be entered online, unlocks one of four Shrek mini-games and can be banked to earn great rewards from Redbox and Snapfish. The more the children buy the nuggets, the more they win. The winner will receive the free offers. The third advertising technique employed to target children is testimonials. Testimonials are advertisements displaying a person promoting or recommending a particular product. Advertisers use famous people such as athletes, actors or actresses, heroes of children’ television serial dramas to provide testimonials. For instance, the ‘Kellogg’ company known to be...
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