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Topics: Think Different, IMac, Steve Jobs Pages: 3 (947 words) Published: June 11, 2012
“Think Different” is an milestone advertising of Apple. It was born in 1997 which is the hardest period to Apple Company. During that time, Apple’s situation was very dangerous. It was in great losses state, and its stock fell down to the bottom, even some news reported that it already faced the edge of the bankruptcy. At this serious moment, this magic advertising saved the company and let it resurrect. Today, when Apple becomes the one of the most valuable company in the world, reviewing “Think Different” still brings us uncountable enjoyment and shock.

Apple is a famous company for invention high-end electronics. There is a soul character Steve Jobs, deceased leader, he also is one of founder. He was a genius who changed the world. He left Apple in 1985 for some reasons. He came back Apple in 1997 because he was the only hope to rescue the Apple from the difficult position although they still had some high-end customers who favor a series of products. The opposite voice began to appear, which criticized the products just looked like superior toys even though they had a different operation system. At this moment, it was not only a sole product but also had customers’ confidence. How to get rid of trouble as quick as possible? Jobs thought that successful adverting would be the good beginning. Chiat/Day Advertisement was chosen to be one of candidates, who served for Apple many years ago. Depended on their talents and efforts, they lived up to expectations and created the great “Think Different” which deeply explained the development and long-range perspective of Apple.

At the beginning, in order to make vigorous efforts to turn the situation, the advertisement tried to set the target audiences, especially the customers who favored Apple’s product before suspected now. How to keep recently customers and developed new customers? To build customers’ confidence should be the key. Their customers all are high spending crowd and they always bring the new ideas...
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