Advertising Through Social Media: an Evaluation of Facebook Advertising Programs

Topics: Facebook, Advertising, Social media Pages: 4 (1389 words) Published: October 27, 2012

Social media, online advertising, Facebook, online branding, customer relationship Hypothesis
Marketers have longed used the Internet or interactive marketing tactics to share corporate information and perform advertising activities. In contrast, today’s Web 2.0 allows for sharing, linking, collaborating, engaging collectively in the conversation. The purpose of the survey aims at evaluating the effectiveness of Facebook advertising on the customer buying behaviour and consumer engagement strategy, and its potential impact on sales performance for a sample of Mauritian companies currently advertising on Facebook.

Justification of the research
Social media represents an unprecedented marketing opportunity for business that transcends traditional middlemen and connects companies directly with customers (Stelzner 2011, p.2). This is why nearly every business on the planet is exploring social media marketing initiatives. Increasingly, social media is being used for online advertising and will continue to evolve more in the next years to come (Lyngbo 2010, p.5). Social venues like Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress and other powerful social media tools are evolving rapidly. The big question is “Why is everyone doing this?” Is it because it’s easier to communicate a message via social media tools? The relative success of Facebook has built over the years and advances in the provision of Internet access. Facebook is the most popular social media in Mauritius with over 351,340 Mauritians listed as active users of this social network which is over 20% of the local population (Socialbakers, 2012). This shows that if we consider Facebook as a medium, it has an audience just beyond the local press. Facebook as social media encompasses the entire world and is used by individuals at least a few times a week. It has over 950 million active users, and about 20 billion contents being...
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