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Also during the Super bowl 2012 Toyota really promoted themselves with a huge contest giveaway. The prize was a brand new Toyota Camry for the winner and a friend of their choice. This prize was a value of $53,000. Contestants had to download a free app on their mobile and follow instructions or else visit the website and do the same. This was excellent because over 114 million viewers were watching the super bowl 2012. ( ). The contest was free to enter and the prize was worth a lot so this would attract a lot of attention with the public. This was also very clever because the public only had a short time to enter the competition so they would have been busy with their phones for the remainder of the adverts. Maybe the only advert they saw was for Toyota. Honda just had a normal advertisement so they could have missed out big time here with Toyota’s new advertising strategy.

Social media is becoming very popular amongst businesses and advertisers, especially Facebook. ( Companies can set up their own Facebook page and people can follow them. Toyota is on Facebook and currently has 766,293 followers. ( ). This way Toyota can update the page with new models, deals, promotion and competitions. When this is done the followers will receive notice that a change has been made on Toyota’s page. The company can also make an advertisement on Facebook. The advertiser can choose which audience they want to target and where they want to advertise. This is also extremely handy because there are so many people now on Facebook so Toyota can target a large audience.

Toyota are now offering three years free servicing with new Auris and Corolla models. ( ). They are putting pressure on potential customers by ending the...
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