Affects of Advertising on Consumer Buying Behavior

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Affects of Advertising on Consumer Buying Behavior

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Consumer Behavior (Elective)


Table of Contents

Background of the Study5
Affects of Advertising on Consumer Buying Behavior:8
Role of advertisement11
The Functions of Advertising12
Advertising and Psychology12
How Advertising Works13
Advertisements disguised as Entertainment!16

Literature Review:
 Advertising is one of the largest generators of revenue in the world economy. It gene-rates employment directly and indirectly and influences a large section of people. An advertisement interest, entices, intrigues, and entertains; and creates life style.

 American Marketing Association (1948); Advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor. A working definition could be;

Advertising is the mass paid communication for the brand building through persuasive communication and position them into consumer’s perception, besides taking consideration of market environment and consumer expectation.

The role of advertisement changes unto what the organization wants them to do. There were times that an organization wants them to do. There were times that organizations use the advertising to help them survive from the impacts of economic trends. Still, the economists views that the advertising plays a significant effect on the consumer behavior. And in a long process, the advertising can lead the organization to competition. Based on the understanding regarding the advertising, the approach rooted in the organization’s search for the right answer on the effects of the competition. Consequently, the accepted basic role of the advertising is to provide the consumers with the right amount of information regarding the product or services, which is related to the objective of the competition and that is to deliver the consumer satisfaction. In this view, the level of advertising affects the consumer who is the focus of the organization (Park, 1996). Based on the previous studies regarding the consumer behaviors, there are three influential factors that affect the consumer decision when buying. They are enumerated as external influences, internal influences and the marketing influences in which the advertising, product promotion, and pricing technique are found. Definitely, the marketing activity such as advertising affects both internal and external behavior of the consumer. Most especially, the consumers perceptions are influence through the exposure such as seeing an advertisement; attention which means that the consumer recognizes the advertisement; awareness which is common if the advertisement involves some humor; and the retention that keeps or stays in the mind of the consumer (Chen and Lee 2005). Advertisements also affect the knowledge by giving information, attitude, personality, lifestyles of the consumers, and the culture of the consumer. The concept of advertising makes it possible to involve the consumers which greatly affect the buying decisions of the consumers


Almost every one grows up in the world which is flooded with the mass media e.g. television, advertising, films, videos, billboards, magazines, movies, music, newspapers, and internet. Of all marketing weapons, advertising is renowned for its long lasting impact on viewer’s mind, as its exposure is much broader. Advertising is a subset of promotion mix which is one of the 4P’s in the marketing mix i.e. product, price, place and promotion. As a promotional strategy, advertising serve as a major tool in creating product awareness in the mind of a potential consumer to take eventual purchase decision. Advertising, sales promotion and public...
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