All About Advertising

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Promotion Pages: 9 (2808 words) Published: November 3, 2012
1. Introduction to Advertising

Advertising facilitates large scale marketing. It is a medium of mass communication. Manufacturers supply information about new products through advertising. The fact that companies spend crores of rupees on advertising through TV, radio and newspapers indicates its benefits in sales promotion. Advertising is within the scope of promotion which is one element in the marketing mix. It is getting popularity in the present highly competitive and consumer oriented marketing. All products old and new, consumer and durable, cheap and costly need extensive advertising for sales promotion and consumer support. New communication techniques are now used for making advertising attractive and agreeable. The basic purpose of advertising is to give information, to attract attention, to create awareness and finally to influence the buying behavior of consumers. Advertising is certainly needed in marketing but is equally important and essential in social, cultural and political aspects of our life. Advertising 2. Definition of Advertising

Advertising is defined differently by different authorities and the institutions dealing with the subject of advertising. The American Marketing Association defines advertising as "any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor." This definition suggests the following features of advertising. Firstly, advertisement is paid for by the sponsor/advertiser. Naturally, he exercises control over the advertisement. Secondly, advertising is non-personal selling. It is a medium of mass communication for large scale selling. Thirdly, advertising acts as important marketing tool for presentation and promotion of ideas, goods and services. Finally, advertising needs the sponsor of the message known. Advertising will be meaningless if the advertiser is not clearly identified.

3. Features of Advertising

Advertising provides information : The basic purpose of advertising is to provide information about products/services to prospective buyers. The details of products such as features, uses, prices, benefits, manufacturer's name, and instructions to be followed while using the product are given in the advertisements. The advertising message and brand name are also given. The information supplied gives education and guidance to consumers and facilitates correct selection of goods by them. Paid form of communication : The advertiser has to pay to the media for giving publicity to his advertising message. He pays for the advertisement and naturally he decides the size, slogan, etc. given in the advertisement. Advertising is a form of paid communication. Non-personal presentation : Advertising is non-personal in character as against salesmanship which is personal (face to face communication) in character. In advertising, the message is given to all and not to one specific individual. This rule is applicable to all advertising media including press. However even in advertising target consumers or target market can be selected for making an advertising appeal. Gives publicity to goods, services and ideas : Advertising is basically for giving information to consumers. This information is always related to the features and benefits of goods and services of different types. Advertising gives new ideas to consumers as its contents are meaningful. The aim is to make the ideas popular and thereby to promote sales. For example, advertising on family planning, family welfare, and life insurance is useful for placing new ideas before the people. Basically for persuasion : Advertising aims at persuasion of potential customers. Advertising attracts attention towards a product, creates desire to have the same and finally induces consumers to visit the market and purchase the same. Advertising has psychological impact on consumers. It influences the buying decisions of consumers. Target oriented : It is possible to make intensive...
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