an overview, Development & contribution to economy of Bangladesh capital market on the perspective of Dhaka Stock Exchange

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Table of content

Chapter – 1: Background of the study.
1.1 Introduction.
1.2 Origin of the study.
1.3 Objective of the study
1.4 Methodology of the study.
1.5 Scope of the study.
1.6 Limitation of the study.
Chapter – 2 : Basic Idea of capital market
2.1 Definition of capital market.
2.2 Structure of capital market.
2.3 Capital market Instruments.
2.4 Market participant in the stock market
Chapter – 3 : An overview of Dhaka Stock exchange.
3.1 History of Dhaka Stock Exchange
3.2 Major events of DSE.
3.3 Regulatory body & Support organization.
3.4 Functions & Activities of Dhaka Stock Exchange.
3.5 Surveillance at DSE
3.6 Trade segment of market.
3.7 Trading sessions.
3.8 Listed companies by industry.
3.9 Criteria of Share category.
3.10 Forms of Market indicators of DSE.
Chapter – 4 : Development of Dhaka stock exchange
4.1 Market capitalization by year (Tk. In million).
4.2 Sector capitalization by year (in percent).
4.3 Market capitalization of every industry by year.
4.5 Market turnover projection by year.
4.6 Market Index by year.

Chapter – 5 : Contribution of DSE & opportunity for NRB investments 5.1 Market Capitalization to GDP.
5.2 Portfolio Investments.
5.3 Opportunity for NRB investments to DSE
Chapter – 6 : Market Analysis from several aspects
6.1 Demand and supply of securities.
6.2 P/E ratio by sector
6.3 Dividend payment performance by industry.
6.4 Investor Projection By year.
6.5 Total Issued capital Vs Total Market capitalization by securities. 6.6 Growth pattern of listed Securities
6.7 Comparative position DSE with international stock.
6.8 Comparative Index of DSE with other country.
6.9 Comparison of Market cap. to GDP ratio with international stock Exchange.
6.10 SWOT Analysis of DSE.

Chapter – 7 : Findings & conclusion.
7.1 Findings of the study
7.2 Recommendation
7.3 Conclusion
7.4 Bibliography

Chapter – 1 (one)

1.1. Introduction :
The capital market is the market of securities, where companies and the government can raise long-term funds. The capital market includes the stock and the bond market. The SEC is the capital market watch dog which regulates the capital market operation to ensure is protected against fraudulent activities.

The capital market plays vital role in the industrialization of the required to create employment opportunities for the unemployed people and a strong capital base for the economic modernization to alleviate poverty.

The growth of capital market largely depends on the policy decision of the Government. Capital market is the mechanism to mobilize excess liquidity of the market to form a strong capital base required for rapid industrialization. A vibrant capital market in one of the key players to strengthen the pace and process of industrialization in a developing country like Bangladesh.

1.2. Origin of the study :
This report titled “an overview, Development & contribution to economy of Bangladesh capital market on the perspective of Dhaka Stock Exchange” prepared to fulfill the requirement of the internship program of the MBA degree in the Department of Business Administration, IIUC Dhaka. It is a mandatory requirement of the program that require a student to work in an organization. This report which contains the outcome of project assigned by the Anwar Securities Ltd is presented to the concerned teacher as well as to the organization.

1.3. Objective of the study :
To make an overview of Dhaka Stock Exchange.
To investigate the functions, activities & developments of DSE.

1.4. Methodology of the study :
1. In preparing the report published materials, papers and documents of DSE are used. Also consultation in made with personnel belonging to Anwar Securities Ltd. , Dhaka Stock Exchange Library. , Security Exchange commission (SEC). ,Central Depository Bangladesh Limited. Also materials are obtained from websites 2. Data...

Bibliography: 1. Capital markets institutions and instruments by F.J. Fabozzi & Franco Modigliani. 3rd Edition, 2006.
10. National Stock Exchange of India Ltd, 2006. Indian Security market review. Volume IX.
11. World Bank, 2001. Developing Government Bond Markets: A handbook, Washington
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