Analysis: Advertising and Taylor Swift

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October 28, 2012

Analysis Essay

Final Draft
Easy, Breezy, Beautiful CoverGirl- Natureluxe Foundation
CoverGirl succeeds once again and captures it’s viewers in an advertisement that not only has a modern way of catching its viewers’ attention, but also uses competition and catchy phrases to woo it’s viewers into buying their brand over other competing commericals. This specific commercial advertises CoverGirls Natureluxe Silk foundation using Taylor Swift. She is a perfect person to use in a commercial that is marketing their product towards teen girls. At only 22, Taylor has made a lucrative career out of writing songs about growing up and discovering yourself. Throughout the commercial she glows, she looks happy and completely natural throughout the entire thing. It’s as if she doesn’t even have make up on and it’s captivating. Plenty of young girls throughout the country look up to her for this reason. They feel like they can relate to her realistic life situations she puts into her music and because of that they are more likely to sway towards what her opinion of everyday things are such as make up as it is clearly shown in the advertisement. Another factor that I believe CoverGirl used to catch its readers attention would be how the actual foundation bottle is made. They put it in a light green bottle that has darker green swirls extending throughout it. Green is naturally a peaceful color. We associate green with trees, leaves, and nature which is the main catching point of Natureluxe as it is made with green extracts and other natural plants. I think they used green to give it that effect on its buyers. While CoverGirl does do a good job choosing the print on the Natureluxe foundation bottle I also noticed the colors they used throughout the commercial. They don’t use any dark colors- instead, they use white, light blue, and light green to give the advertisement a bright and relaxing feel which is really important for this product and...
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