Analysis of WalMart Stock

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Introduction to Business
WC3-Summer 2013
William Brothers

Analysis of Wal-Mart Stock


I chose to monitor Wal-Mart stock throughout the semester. I began collecting my information every Friday afternoon after the market closed, beginning May 24, 2013 and ending July 5, 2013. I used Yahoo Finance to collect all of my data (Yahoo , n.d.). Wal-Mart stock throughout my study fluctuated but stayed at a constant price. The fluctuation in price can be due in part to competition when compared to the stock of other competitors. The retail industry also played a role in its fluctuation of price. The analysis of the Wal-Mart stock thru competitors and industry has given new insight as too how the stock market performs on a daily basis and allows for better comprehension. Yahoo Finance gave an abundant amount of information allowing for results to be quickly and easily accessed. Description of Results

Wal-Mart stock prices fluctuated some throughout monitoring, but never by much. The opening price on May 24, 2013 was $76.32 and the closing was $77.31. The stock was always within these prices throughout my monitoring. When my observations were concluded on July 5, 2013 the closing price was $75.21. The lowest the closing price during the observation period was on June 21, 2013 and it was 73.51. When configuring the observations for the table I was surprised to see the actual fluctuation on a table. I had in my mind a very slight fluctuation where there was very little change. Seeing the table I realized there was quite a difference at intervals. Return on assets as of July 7, 2013 was 8.73% meaning how profitable it is relative to its total assets. The return of equity as of July 7, 2013 was 23.62 % it measures the rate of return on the ownership interest of the common stock holder. These both played a role in the analysis of the Wal-Mart’s stock’s fluctuation...

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