AP Macroeconomics Stock Blurbs

Topics: Stock market, Stock exchange, Corporation Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: January 10, 2014

Stock Purchases and Why

1. Colgate is a company that was going up when I purchased them. They have special offers, community programs, and sustainability systems. As stereotypical as this is, the Latinos love Colgate and they are the fastest growing population in the United States, therefore, Colgate is being invested in a lot and continuing to go up. Colgate produces a necessity. No matter what, the chances of people no longer needing tooth paste are very low. I chose this over any other dentistry related company because I personally buy Colgate products and trust them a lot. 2. Estee Lauder is a premier global company. Their global presence is large, especially in the makeup area. Their dividend stock is internationally invested in and they have a very low P/E. I went on the margin and borrowed against my other positions on the short term because Wday earnings coming out and they should be good. This was a European stock but I like having ADRs because that market is undervalued. 3. Home Depot has been for weeks as people have been fixing their houses and building new homes since the stock market has been up due to the government adding more circulation. People are throwing a lot of money into their houses recently and I do not think that this will be stopping any time soon. I will continue to trade them and buy shares until I see them have a noticeably big downfall. 4. Johnson and Johnson was one of the first companies I traded because they are one of those companies that produce necessities. Hopefully, people will continue to wash themselves and stay clean. They do business world wide in various currencies. 5. Michael Kors has become a premier stock. The stock has more ups than it does downs and although the P/E was a little on the risky side compared to what I was looking for in my range, the company is extremely popular and invested in, making a lot of profit. I really like what the company produces as well. 6. I traded two...
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