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21 September 2013

Increase / Decrease in Stock Exchange

The AAPL stock has declined in rate since its all-time high of $670.00 in October of 2012. A decline of which is greater than nearly 20 percent in September 2013, as an overall Investment-Return. Apple accumulates over 2 million dollars in gross sales per salesmen they invest in. An average of over 200 Billion Dollars in profit since the company’s date of birth.

AAPL stocks as can be viewed on the chart provided by Money Watch CNN (IPhone-Apple-Stock), have declined in rate of the stock market a few days after every Apple IPhone is launched. Analysts and Investors seem to believe the reason for this ill-doing is due to the excitement and anxiety caused by apples enthusiastic way of advertising and promoting their product to the average consumer. Once the news is out, of what will be in and when Apple plans on launching the IPhone is spread and accepted by the average apple product consumer, their products are not as appealing as they are sought to be. In fact there is little to no progress or advanced achievements that Apple seems to implant In their launch of a new device. Its almost as if they never fail to upset the crowd and maybe even as if they are asking for their prices to drop in the stock market.

The reason I have included quoted information on how much Apple generates in profits and quoted information by analysts and investors stating APPL stocks decline in rate a few days after the launch of a new IPhone is quite surprising. I alongside many others feel as if AAPL is wanting to keep their stocks declining in the stock market their fore many new investors or even previous investors keep investing. In the month of September 2013, Apple told the media they were going to launch an apple IPhone 5s alongside the 5c. Apple seemed to guide the average consumer and investor to believe the 5c was being launched as a good way to promote their...
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