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Part 2: Organizational Strategy and Structure

The consultants were enthusiastic about the proposed
structu re. With the removal of one level of district operational supervision, store managers would have more freedom and
responsibility. The district liaison team would establish a cooperative team approach to management that could be adopted within stores. Focusing store responsibility on a single manager would encourage coordination within stores and adaptation to local conditions. Ir would also provide a focus of responsibility for storewide administrative changes.

Chapter 2: Structural Design for Organizations

The consultants also believed that the proposed structure could be expanded to accommodate non-grocery lines and gourmet units if these were included in C & C's future
plans. Within each store, a new deparrment manager could
be added for pharmaq•, gourmet/specialty items, or other
major departments. The district team could be expanded
to include specialists in these lines, as well as an information technology coordinator to act as liaison for stores in the district.

Aquarius Advertising
Agency Organization

Board of Directors


Aquarius Advertising Agency88
The Aquarius Advertising Agency is a medium-sized firm
that offered two basic services ro irs clients: customized
plans for the content of an advertising campaign (for example, slogans and layouts) and complete plans for media (such as radio, TV, newspapers, billboards, and Internet).
Additional services included a id in marketing and distribution of products and marketing research to test advertising effectiveness.
Its activities were organ ized in a traditional manner.
The organization chart is shown in Exhibit 2.23. Each department included similar functions. Each client account was coordinated by an account executive who acted as a liaison between the client and the various specialists on the professional staff of the operations and...
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