Aquarius Advertising Agency: Case Study

Topics: Advertising, Advertising agency, Student-run advertising agency Pages: 3 (793 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Aquarius Advertising Agency: Case Study

1)Aquarius’ 5 Contextual Variables:
Environment – the business environment for advertising agencies is variable and always undergoing changes. In particular, it is common for these agencies to lose and gain large numbers of clients frequently. In regards to the advertising services Aquarius provides, their employees need to adapt to new industry trends often and no consistent routine exists for serving the various clients they encounter. Goals – Aquarius strives to be a respected agency in the advertising industry. They try to achieve this by being responsive to changes in the industry, flexible with clients, innovative, and efficient. Aquarius’ specific goal it is trying to achieve with structure redesign is to improve cooperation, coordination, and communication among their different departments. Culture – the services Aquarius provides are tied into an industry that revolves around creativity and art. As a result, many of the employees strive to be independent and do things in an original way in order to stand out. The personnel are highly knowledgeable towards industry trends and advertising practices. Employees need to be creative and innovative; therefore, they can sometimes be seen as daring or arrogant. Some employees who have a more functional role in the company (i.e. the account executives/manager) feel that the other employees can seem overconfident or egotistical. Size – Aquarius is a medium-sized advertising agency that offers two services. Technology – Technology is always changing and providing new ways for advertising agencies to operate and perform. In terms of performance, traditional forms of advertising such as TV and radio have not been improved by technology for quite some time. However, new Internet technologies like social media are revolutionizing the advertising industry and Aquarius has had to adapt to those changes. In terms of operations, technology has been improving the ways...
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