Are Ceo's Overpaid?

Topics: Stock market, Stock, Great Depression Pages: 3 (905 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Steve Marshall

Are American corporate CEO's overpaid?

I believe that CEO’s are paid to much because it does not seem to matter just how well the company does while they are running it they still seem to make a ridiculous amount of money. This is wrong because they are supposed to be paid according to how well that the company does but even when it does poorly they are still paid exceedingly well. While this is not a surprise on top of being paid exceedingly well they are also given stock options which essentially increase there earnings even more. It used to be that the lowest paid employee in the company earned one tenth of the CEO. Now CEOs expect to earn at least 100 times as much as the lowest employee. The average pay of company CEO's was almost 13 million in 2011. CEOs do not produce anything and, if their value were compensated by how well the company did under their leadership, they often would get pay cuts. If every company looks through their top leadership, pay difference is ridiculous. It is the way it is because corporate America rules the country. If you have political connections and/or client connection and you can bring tons of new business then you can be CEO any day. Now if you start your own business - you can be CEO from day one (don't require a special talent) just common business sense. Base salaries of corporate CEO's should be on par with federal job grades just like for other employees. If they bring in all this money solely because of there new million dollar business and make profit out of it. They get a fix cut of it for that year. Paying CEO's 100x, 300x, 500x more money then the rest is basically saying rest of the employees are suckers, looser and bottom feeders. Its a shame. CEO's have become merely managers, or caretakers of their shareholders’ property. Yet they, inexplicably, are compensated as if they were visionaries. This is wrong. This is what the Occupy Wall Street crowd should be railing against. Though, I can’t...
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