Are Women Disrespected In Advertising Music And Video Games

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Lex Brown
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Heather Surface
15 November, 2013

Are Women Disrespected in Advertising, Music, and Video Games?
Society today has come a long way. America has made great lengths of improvements in both technology and women rights. Both of these are great advancements in their respective areas but together, are they advancing enough? Women have won rights in voting, owning land, and earning high end jobs, have they yet to earn the right to be respected in different social aspects? Women today are getting disrespected in advertising, video games, and music.

Society today is different than it was decades ago. Whether good or bad, it is evident. Culture is more centralized around media more now than it has ever been. It'd be hard to go a couple hours without being exposed to media and impossible to go a whole day. How exactly does media influence the population? Does the constant exposure make society susceptible to the messages that artists and designers are trying to portray? Because of the constant exposure, Media producers are using this media to make a profit and sell their goods. Businesses use advertisements such as billboards, commercials and magazines with half naked females to sponsor the product. Video game industries are producing games that are extremely male oriented. Main characters of games are mostly males and if there is a female character she is dressed provocatively. Games like Grand Theft Auto are being produced by gaming companies such as Rockstar in which prostitutes are wandering the streets and can be bought. Artists in the music industry present women in a negative light in their songs. Rap and Hip-Hop genres target women, making them seem as if they are objects or trophies in which whoever has obtained the most wins. These are examples of areas in which women are disrespected in media. In a society that has made great strides in equal rights, it remains appalling that women are objectified in consumerist America to get an extra buck. The targeted audience is everyone because of the constant exposure America has to media. The media can also be a targeted as an audience to change the ways they advertise and produce advertisements and music. The population needs to be informed of the wrong doing so strides can be made to correct it.

Advertising is a technique used by companies to portray, sell, and bring awareness to their product. A very popular mean of advertisement is using an attractive woman to use or present the item. This then appeals to the males senses because it makes them feel as if they are not only buying the product, but purchasing the female as well. With the female comes the sense of pleasure one would receive from the female which is linked to the product. This type of advertisement has successfully linked the viewing of the advertisement to pleasure which will in turn sell more of their product. The producer is selling the female’s sex and makes it seem as if the woman’s desire is irrelevant because they are an object of the man’s sexual desire (Chacko, Para.4). Not only does it affect the male population viewing the advertisement, it also affects the female population as well. The females used in the advertisements are unrealistic border-line flawless. They have perfect skin, eyes, teeth, hair, and thin. This gives women viewing the advertisement a false sense of reality. Women then compare themselves to the female they are seeing in the advertisement. Many of these images are altered to make the model look perfect. Women then compare themselves to this model and it affects their self-esteem. In a study conducted by Dove 96% of women thought that models in advertisement were unrealistic (WomanandAdvertising). In the same study 40% of women said such advertisements made them feel self-conscious about their own body and 20% went as far as saying they were less confident in their daily lives because of said advertisements (WomanandAdvertising). Although seeing...
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