Axe Advertising

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Lilian Bouw
Junghyun Park
Elaisa Telgt

1. Link to the advertisement

2. Description of the advertisement
The TV spot, “The chain”, show a world where lust causes men and women to take leave of their sense and the uproar that result. Along with a background music, ‘Can’t help falling in love with you’ which explains exactly a story of this advertisement, a man and woman fall in love at a first glance. The currently released commercial of AXE shows a scene of chaos, with a chain of events including a car accident. During the spot, strangers lock eyes and, oblivious to the commotion, walk hungrily toward one another, then freeze at about an arm’s length looking at each other with sexual tension in their eyes without touching each other. “Unleash the chaos,” is written on the screen at the end of the commercial, as a young man and woman spray their bodies. “New Axe Anarchy for him and for her.”

3. The idea behind the advertisement
“Before, an Axe commercial was always about a guy spraying himself and a girl being attracted, and Axe giving him an edge in the mating game, whereas now women also have something to spray on themselves, and consequently there’s more of an equilibrium between the sexes.” David Kolbusz, a creative director

The idea behind the commercial is to promote that AXE release the first fragrance for women. Because of the new fragrance, AXE wants to demostrate what will happen when men and women both use deodorant that attracts persons out of their leage from the other sex. According to AXE this will cause chaos in the world, as you can see in the commercial.

|PRODUCT CATEGORY: Deodorant body spray |Brand: AXE | |Target Group: Assess most important characteristics | Segmented by gender: | | | | | |Lusty young men who want to show off sexual attractiveness as well as | | |deodorization. | | | | | |Targeting: Metro Sexual | | | | | |Metro Sexual indicates that men who not only want to keep their masculinity| | |but also very care about their appearance or style. Those could be new | | |emerging target group which should be considered as an alternative for | | |female fashion and beauty market which already saturated. | | | | | |Vigorous young women who want to get good scent for guys also removing | | |body odor. | | |...
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