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Influence and Persuasion
Situations in which theoretically I have autonomy to choose how to estimate projects, I should explain, and sometimes argue with the manager to prove why my concept is more efficient. Most of the time I accept the manager’s point, because of my lack of experience, but there are examples where it does not matter whether I have experience or not. Sometimes I am struggling to convince the manager to use my chosen method. It is like to be scared of someone who is bigger and stronger then you physically.

Working Relations and Communications
I have worked for a year at a company where I did not feel that I am on the same contact level as the rest of colleagues are. I feel that I am more alone. Do not go to pubs with colleagues, do not visit football matches, I do not participate in any performances. I have a fear that I do not know why I have and how to cross it.

Self and career management
It is a fact if you want to reach highest career level you need to know the way which to choose to become a successful person.

Section 3: Learning Objectives

Influence and Persuasion
Improvement that I hope to make between week 11 and 22 is to get a strong feeling that I am able with more confidence convince people of my correctness. For instance at work to convince the management spending less time and having less stress.

Without influence and persuasion skills it is hard to be strong and effective professional that means there is a minimum chance to climb up the career ladder. In a broader sense, in my case, this means that I could not be able to grow up and achieve the selected goals and objectives. In more specific, I could not prove to myself and bosses that I valuable employee.

By the end of the implementation of this goal and I expect to feel more confident in what I do and feel, to prove a point in work related and life situations.

Working Relations and Communications
Improvement that I hope to make is to be able to...
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