Bangladesh Capital Market Problems & Prospects

Topics: Stock market, Stock, Stock exchange Pages: 34 (10430 words) Published: August 31, 2012
Bangladesh Capital Market Problems & Prospects

University of Dhaka
Department of Finance
A Report on Bangladesh Capital Market Problems & Prospects

Course name: Financial Markets and Institutions
Course code: F-304

Prepared For:

Dr. A. A. Mahboob Uddin Chowdhury, Ph.D
Professor & Chairman
Department of Finance
University of Dhaka

Prepared By:

Group No. 7
01| Md. Azhar Hossain| 16-053|
02| Md.Omar Faruk Bhuiyan| 16-085|
03| Mohammad Asrarul Haque| 16-111|
04| Sayma Sadia| 16-113|
05| Md. Mofijur Rahman| 16-133|
06| Fahmida Hoque| 16-145|

Date of Submission: 08-04-2012

Letter of Transmission

April 08, 2012
Dr. A. A. Mahboob Uddin Chowdhury, Ph.D
Professor & Chairman
Department of Finance
University of Dhaka

Subject: Submission of Report.

Dear Sir,

It gives us immense pleasure to submit the report on Bangladesh Capital Market Problems and Prospects. This report is submitted as the requirement to fulfill the course Financial Markets and Institutions (F-304).

We are thankful to you as this report was helpful for us to know about the Capital market and its operations, why it is performing poorly and the possible remedies for this capital market collapse. This was a wonderful opportunity of widening our knowledge from the pages of our book to the field of practice.

We hope that the report will meet the standard and will serve its purpose.

Thank You.
Sincerely Yours

On behalf of the group:
Md. Azhar Hossain
B.B.A. 16th Batch
Roll: 16-053, Section: A
Department of Finance
University of Dhaka

Table of Contents

Chapter No.| Name of the Chapter| Page No.|
1.| Introduction| 5|
2.| Capital Market Concepts| 6-16|
3.| 2011 Bangladesh Capital Market Scam| 17-20|
4.| Problems of Capital Market| 21-25|
5.| Prospects, Possibilities and Challenges of Bangladesh Capital Market| 26-32| 6.| Opportunities and Recommendations| 33-36|
7.| Conclusion| 37-38|
8.| Appendix| 39-40|




We have prepared a report named Bangladesh capital Market problems and prospects. A Capital market is the market from where the deficit unit collects funds from the surplus unit. This transfer of funds is done through selling and purchasing of securities in the capital market. Capital market is very important for the economic balance of a country. In Bangladesh particularly the economy is greatly affected by the impact of any capital market crash or boom. But it is the failure of the authorities that the capital market is performing very poorly in recent past. There are many problems regarding the crash of our capital market. Investors became like a beggar in the street, some of them lost everything, some of them suicide for this crash on 2011. We as...

References: 2. Ripon Kh. Asadul Islam (2010) ,CEO, IDLC
6. Hassan, Islam, Basher; Market Efficiency, Time-Varying Volatility and Equity Returns in Bangladesh Stock Market.(2000)
Volatility?” Evidence from the Bangladesh Capital Market” (2006)
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