Banks Advertising Campaigns

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Notes on Bank Advertising Campaign
Just like any business, banks should also use an advertising campaign that will reach consumers and convince them to make financial transactions such as credit loan, business loan, and savings account. However, financial companies should know that the marketing campaign for them is a little bit different compared to traditional strategies use by most businesses. These are some of the helpful tips on bank advertising campaign in order to reach people and turn them into customers:

1. Analyze the current situation of the market፡
By reviewing the current market; a financial company can prepare its advertising campaign that would make this appealing to more people. For example, high optimism among businesses means that commercials about credit loans would be very effective to consumers. 2. Define the brand This can be done by identifying the target-market. For example, a bank which focuses on commercial loans should define itself as a brand that caters to entrepreneurs and business-minded customers. 3. The advertising campaign should be emotionally appealing With the bombardment of commercials, businesses are finding it hard to catch the attention of the already desensitized consumers. With this consideration, it is important that banks create an advertising campaign that would emotionally

Debub Global Bank,MPPE

Organized by: Behaylu W.


appeal to their consumers, and ideally, it should be a positive emotion such as happiness, sense of security, and belongingness.

4. Define the whole purpose of the advertising campaign
When creating ads, it is important for banks to define the purpose and goal of the campaign. By doing this, they can tailor the content of the ad and identify the media which can be used to reach their target-market. 5.

The message should tell what are the benefits bank

consumers can get
The best way to catch the attention of consumers is to use a...
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