Beauty in Advertising

Topics: Cosmetics, English-language films, Marketing Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Emily Edwards
Engl 102
February 21, 2013
Dr. Alderfer
Advertisement Essay

Beauty in Advertisements

Beauty is bought nowadays. The ads in my Cosmopolitan magazine are all about beauty on women. Cosmopolitan intended audience is for women. Now I say beauty “on women” because they try to sell beauty. It is almost like the advertisements are in a contest to sell more products. They appeal to need for aesthetic sensations. Cosmopolitans projected audience is of course for women. Probably from ages eighteen and up. In this magazine they talk about sex and tips about sexual relations with your spouses or boyfriends. Fans send in bad or good experiences they have had involving sex or relationship. They also give relationship advice. On the cover of this month’s issue of cosmopolitan, March 2013, they have sayings on the cover like: “YOUR BEST SEX EVER!” and “20 Moves From Cuddly to Crazy.” And “Threesome Confessions” and also “The 3 Words You Must Never Say to a Guy.” Their advertisements are about make-up, clothes, jewelry, shoes, perfume, accessories and shampoos. And it’s filled with all sorts of different colors. The advertisements are trying to sell beauty to women and looking good longer. The ads involving make-up are about all different varieties of make-up and how they last longer to look beautiful all day. Like in March 2013s issue of Cosmopolitan on page 17 you get an ad for Lancome foundation and their slogan is “The longwear you love to wear.” I feel that they don’t talk about how good you will fell on the inside but they show how beautiful you could look on the outside. And that’s not always the case of being beautiful. It is like a contest to sell more products. All these make up ads basically say the same thing: “We are the best.” “We last longer.” “We look better with your skin tone.” Blah blah blah. When in reality they are all the same. They use celebrities to try and sell their products. It makes us think that if the stars...
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