Topics: Management, Stock, Corporate finance Pages: 3 (588 words) Published: February 5, 2013
1. What is meant by ‘Induction training’? (1)
2. “Planning and Controlling are closely interrelated and inter dependent”. Explain. (1) 3. Name the incentive which refers to give more autonomy and powers to subordinates. (1) 4. State any two functions of packaging. (1) 5. Give any two qualities of a good salesman. (1)

6. What are the benefits derived from ‘demutualization’ of stock exchange. (1) 7. What is meant by Zero Coupon Bonds? (1) 8. Against whom a complained can be filed? (1) 9. State why the working capital needs for a ‘Service Industry’ are different from that of a ‘Manufacturing Industry’. (1) 10. ‘Buy three and get one free’ is an example of one of the techniques of promotion mix. Name the technique. (1) 11. When is the dividend decision treated as a residual decision? (1) 12. Give any one responsibility of a consumer in addition to obtaining a cash memo while purchasing edible oil. (1) 13. What is a Plan? Explain single use plans and standing plans. (3) 14. Follow- up action is the last step in the process of planning. Explain the other steps in brief. (3)...
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