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Out of home advertising are also known as advertisement on public space such as billboards, shopping mall display, wall posters, on taxies, and so on. However, these days many companies are more focusing on using billboards campaign as their advertisement media. This is mainly because billboards are 24 hours display, thus anyone can see it anytime of the day whether is day or night. In this assessment, I have travel around Subang Jaya and Damansara area to look for some eye-catching billboards advertisement. In the end of the trip, I have found two billboards that catch my attention the most. The first two pictures at the attachment are billboards regarding about the new BMW 3 series sedan. I capture these billboard pictures from Damansara Jaya highway. These two billboards are actually a combination of one BMW 3 series. The first picture is the front part of the car and the second picture is the back part of the car. The billboard are place above the bridge which is in front of the highway, thus the people uses the highway can easily discover the advertisement. These billboards are located at high-end location as the houses in the area are expensive. Therefore, these billboards fit in the surrounding area as it attract high society people. Besides that, there is also a BMW showroom located nearby the highway, so it is convenience for consumer to look at the actual car. The billboard is generally promoting the new BMW 3 series sedan. The billboard design is simple and straightforward as more than half of the billboard is a picture of a new BMW 3 series. In addition, they use two-billboard front and back to shows the picture of the car. They use bilingual in the billboard as it says “Passion vs. Perfection” and “Keyakinan lwn Kemamtapan”. This is a wise method as in Malaysia our mother tongue is in Malay. Hence, the billboard are expressing in Malay and English language. Even though their sentences are short and simple, but it is expressing that this new BMW...
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