Business Communication

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2.1 What is business communication?5
2.2 Barriers to listening7
2.3 How to overcome such barriers and improve our listening skill8
2.4 Conclusion9

Question 1
You are John Branes, Manager of a company called Universal Stationers situated in Australia. Using your knowledge of effective letter writing, write a courteous letter in correct format to an applicant (Mary Rossa) who has applied for post of a Marketing Manager with your company to inform her that her application has been unsuccessful.


Miss Marry Rossa
10 Corner Street,
Winchester Villas,
BT 253647

Dear Miss Marry Rossa,
RE: Marketing Manager of Universal Stationers
Thank you for your application and participation in the selection process for the above position. I am writing to advise that in this instance you have not been successful. We received over 200 applications for this positions that are available with us. We have now completed our primary selection process and have put down a shortlist of candidates who will now be interviewed as part of the recruitment process. As we are not able to personally meet all the well qualified candidates who applied, we sincerely regret to inform you that your application was not successful to take you through you for an interview with us. I hope that this will not discourage you from submitting applications for future roles with the Universal Stationers. If you have any further questions, please contact us in this telephone number +61 2 7746 5524 We wish you all the luck with your job search and thank you again for your interest in our organization.

Yours Sincerely,
John Branes
(Manager of Universal Stationers)

Question 2
Barriers to listening include: the vatiation of meaning between people, our history with people, uncertainty about the purpose of message, lack of empathy, assumed uselessness of message, the effect of hierarchy and problems in the environment. In what ways might we overcome such barriers and improve our listening?


Listening is a process of receiving, interpreting and reacting to the messages received from the communication sender. Effective listening is an art of communication, which is often taken for granted and ignored. Like any other art, listening require to be cultivated consciously and carefully. Unfortunately, our education systems beginning from kindergarten up to college level do not pay attention to the teaching of effective listening. Poor listening can be considered, as a mighty barrier to communication as listening is fundamental to all communication.

2.1 What is business communication?

Developing good business communication skills is as much about the ability to develop good content as it is about good form. Documents can be classified into two types, and it is internal and external. Internal documents circulate within the organization and may include memos, reports and proposals. And external documents circulate outside of the organization. Examples include: letters, tenders, proposals and report. The external environment may include clients, customers suppliers, stockholders, government, media and the general public. The following part show the communication process(Figure 1.0): Figure 1.0 Communication process

* Sender and Receiver
In the basic interpersonal communication model, the sender, also known as the source, is the person who initiates the communication process. In a dyadic, or two-person, communication situation, the receiver is the other person involved. In a public speaking or public communication situation, the audience is made up of receivers. The numbers can vary from a few to a few hundred. The speaker may use only his/her voice or may need a public address system. In mass communication, there could be literally hundreds, millions, or even billions of...
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