Business Research: Web Advertising in Bangladesh

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Business Research: Web Advertising in Bangladesh

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The World Wide Web, or the multimedia interactive component of the Internet, presents advertisers with opportunities and challenges, including the need for understanding Web users' attitudes and beliefs toward this new medium's advertising potential. It is estimated that today 2,406 millions people surf the Web, and it is growing every day DATENUMBER OF USERS% WORLD POPULATIONINFORMATION SOURCE

December, 199516 millions0.4 %IDC
December, 199636 millions0.9 %IDC
December, 199770 millions1.7 %IDC
December, 1998147 millions3.6 %C.I. Almanac
December, 1999248 millions4.1 %Nua Ltd.
December, 2000361 millions5.8 %Internet World Stats
August, 2001513 millions8.6 %Nua Ltd.
September, 2002587 millions9.4 %Internet World Stats
December, 2003719 millions11.1 %Internet World Stats
December, 2004817 millions12.7 %internet World Stats
December, 20051,018 millions15.7 %Internet World Stats Dec, 20061,093 millions16.7 %Internet World Stats
Dec, 20071,319 millions20.0 %Internet World Stats
Dec, 20081,574 millions23.5 %Internet World Stats
Dec, 20091,802 millions26.6 %Internet World Stats
June, 20101,966 millions28.7 %Internet World Stats
Sept, 20101,971 millions28.8 %Internet World Stats
Mar, 20112,095 millions30.2 %Internet World Stats
Jun, 20112,110 millions30.4 %Internet World Stats
Sept, 20112,180 millions31.5 %Internet World Stats
Dec, 20112,267 millions32.7 %Internet World Stats
Mar, 20122,336 millions33.3 %Internet World Stats
June, 20122,406 millions34.3 %Internet World Stats

, on-line traffic has been doubling every one-hundred days (Ingersoll, 1998), and a year of Internet time is measured as seven years of regular time (Arnold and Arnold, 1997). Although the Internet's growth has exploded, sales conducted via the Web were nearly nonexistent in 1994. However, by 1996, on-line sales increased to $500 million, 1997 sales were $1,500 million,(E-Marketer, 1998; Kannan et al., 1998). As U.S. Commerce Department, Forrester Research, Internet Retailer, ComScore, Inc. resarach says the resent us on line sells condition is pretty good.

YearU.S. Online Sales
2012 (Q1)$50,270,000,000

Unquestionably, the burgeoning Web is fast becoming an important new sales, distribution, and advertising channel for commerce Since Web advertising first appeared in 1993 with HotWired, Inc.'s innovative ad banners, its growth has been extraordinary. Burst Media LLC, a Burlington, Massachusetts based advertising tracking firm, states that total on-line advertising spending for 1997 was $336 million (O'Brien, 1998), compared with only $20 million for all of 1996 (Kassaye, 1997). Internet advertising spending projections for 1998 exceed $1 billion (E-Marketer, 1998). A research has shown that the growth of spending for online is tremendous. Global Online Ad Spending By Region


North America40.8%41.7%41.8%41.5%40.7%40.2%
Western Europe30.0%28.8%28.0%27.3%27.0%26.5%
Eastern Europe2.7%2.7%2.7%2.7%2.8%2.8%
Latin America2.1%2.2%2.3%2.5%2.8%3.1%
Middle East and Africa0.4%0.5%0.7%0.9%1.1%1.3%

Internet hosts, or domain names associated with Web sites, are doubling approximately every year (Maddox et al., 1997). Thus, Web advertising appears to be the most important influence on the future of the advertising industry over the...
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